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На уничтожение монополии Российских Государственных лотерей и развитие проекта СТОЛ ЛОТО!

Сбор средств:

- на уничтожение лотерейной монополии в России

- продвижение Зарубежных Лотерей в России и странах СНГ

Крупнейший джекпот лотереи Powerball за всю историю мировых лотерей


  • Participate in foreign lotteries online from anywhere in the world, including Europe (Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Moldova, Bulgaria), Kazakhstan, The Republic of Belarus and Russia.
  • Play foreign lotteries and win jackpots can now absolutely all Russian-speaking immigrants in Spain, Greece, the Baltic States.
Stolloto blog about opportunities to participate in honest foreign lotteries online from anywhere in the world. And about falsifications of Russian lotteries.
Australian Super Draw + Contest Results! Jackpot Powerball Australia - A$ 30.000.000!

Australian Super Draw + Contest Results! Jackpot Powerball Australia - A$ 30.000.000!

Tomorrow one more Powerball Australia Super Draw will be held.

The guaranteed Jackpot is 30 million Australian dollars.

This is a great amount to be drawn! Once again we remind you why the Australian games are so amazing:

Perfect winning odds. Very cheap. No taxes.

Also, we summed up the results of the contest "10 tickets for 10 winners".

Last week, these players purchased Powerball Australia tickets and today they will get 10 free Saturday Lotto tickets:

Firdavis H. (fi*****************

Vladimir L. (v.******

Aidar M. (a-************

Arkady S. (ar*******

Vladimir K. (ka*************

Andrew Z. (bu***********

Andrew L. (le*******

Olga B. (41*****

Dmitry Z. (ze******

kavya c. (ch*****************

The best offer “price = major prize” on the site! Play Californian lottery SuperLotto Plus online with jackpot $ 54 000 000 US.


We stand for prudence! Today we’re telling you about the most advantageous offer on the site — we are very proud of it.

This is the national game SuperLotto Plus. Would you like to know why?

Tomorrow night SuperLotto Plus will draw a pleasant Jackpot of $ 54.000.000 US!

This is a really good amount for a game with such a low cost and impressive odds.

9 prize options.

You keep up to 15% if you pick the maximum number of lines available.

1-20 lines in the ticket to choose from — we offer the entries to meet your every need.

Just $ 2.99 per line — none of other services offers you a better cost.

Do we need to say anything else?

We are convinced that everything is clear without words now — it’s high time to play SuperLotto Plus!

We Selected The Best Jackpots For You!

Take part in the official Italian lottery SuperEnalotto, just picking up 6 winning numbers out of 90.


€ 174 000 000

Lotería Nacional Sorteo de Vacaciones has a long history and is held every month. This lottery has the best winning odds in the world — 1 to 3!


€ 140 000 000



A$ 80 000 000

On this page you can buy a ticket of MEGA Millions, the lottery which is heartily loved by the Americans and the US tourists.


€ 55 000 000

If you wish to play Powerball online just pick a set of 5 regular numbers from 1 to 69 and 1 special number (the Powerball) from 1 to 26!


$ 40 000 000+

Buy EuroMillions ticket with ease: select a combination of 5 regular numbers from 1 to 50 and 2 special numbers from 1 to 12 and expect the draw.


€ 36 000 000

Powerball Australia is a successful prototype of the American lottery with its own rules: you need to pick a combination of 7 regular numbers from 1 to 35 and 1 special number from 1 to 20 to make a bid!


A$ 30 000 000

Thunderball UK Lotto! Small but precious: 500.000 pounds + perfect winning odds!

Thunderball UK Lotto! Small but precious: 500.000 pounds + perfect winning odds!

Meet our favorite baby-game with shocking winning odds!

Thunderball UK is held under the fabulous British brand National Lottery!

All its Jackpots are fixed: they are 500.000 pounds each.

Choose a combination of 5 common numbers from 1 to 39 and a Thunderball from 1 to 14 to win big!

We remind you of the amazing advantages of the game:

Easy to win 9 prize levels You shouldn’t pay taxes If you match 1 ball, you’ll get a prize Drawings are held four times a week (including today!)

We invite you to join our baby-game right now!

Draw on the beach is coming: 10 Jackpots and Grand Prix! Loteria Nacional Grand Prix and 10 Jackpots!

Draw on the beach is coming: 10 Jackpots and Grand Prix! Loteria Nacional Grand Prix and 10 Jackpots!

July 6, the super draw of Loteria Nacional Sorteo de Vacaciones will take place.

It will be devoted to summer holidays.

For five years, the draw which bears the resonant name Sorteo de Vacaciones is held on one of the most shining beaches in Spain at one o'clock in the afternoon according to local time (so one can sleep well before the game!).

However, Sorteo de Vacaciones is not only the reason to rest and have fun.

It’s way more serious! Sorteo de Vacaciones is a real chance to get rich.

Loteria Nacional is a game with some of the best odds in the world.

Each third ticket of it is winning! 10 Jackpots and a huge multimillion Grand Prix will be drawn.

There will be plenty of winners: the Spanish game is famous for 16 prize tiers.

Moreover, this time Loteria Nacional announced increased prizes.

Don't miss the fabulous draw! The number of tickets is limited.

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