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На уничтожение монополии Российских Государственных лотерей и развитие проекта СТОЛ ЛОТО!

Сбор средств:

- на уничтожение лотерейной монополии в России

- продвижение Зарубежных Лотерей в России и странах СНГ

Крупнейший джекпот лотереи Powerball за всю историю мировых лотерей


  • Participate in foreign lotteries online from anywhere in the world, including Europe (Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Moldova, Bulgaria), Kazakhstan, The Republic of Belarus and Russia.
  • Play foreign lotteries and win jackpots can now absolutely all Russian-speaking immigrants in Spain, Greece, the Baltic States.
Across Europe: EuroMillions + EuroJackpot = € 49 000 000 euros!

Across Europe: EuroMillions + EuroJackpot = 49 million euros!

Some people think that playing national games is a crazy idea.

Playing games is not standard and doesn't fit into the rules. It is right to live by the principle of "home-work-home", to pay a mortgage and to go on vacation on an all-inclusive program once a year.

All these things are right, except that the "right" people are unhappy.

And only a few of them manage to change their lives.

To take part in EuroJackpot with the intention to match all the numbers and to hit the Jackpot in the amount of € 32.000.000 is a small step towards your dream. The draw will take place today!

The syndicate share costs 6,66 USD.

Let's go the limit: the draw of another tremendous European game EuroMillions will be held today.

The estimated Euromillions Jackpot is 28 000 000, while the syndicate's share cost is 7,21 USD.


Блог Стол Лото о проблемах игры в лотереи онлайн
Как не проиграть деньги в лотереях. Блог против программируемых результатов и анимированных трансляций тиражей.